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Our Story

The original principle behind Oji Vape has always been about providing quality vape hardware that you can trust and rely. So in 2013, we started our mission to bring the best quality oil vaporizer products to the market. We work directly with the original product manufacturers overseas to ensure the best product quality and pricing for our customers. This means less leaky cartridges and happier customers. We also carry stock inventory of a wide variety of oil vaporizer batteries, cartridges, and packaging here in the USA if you are in a crunch and need products sooner. Whether you’re looking for empty vape pen cartridges or packaging, we’re here to provide you with excellent service and quality vape products. 

Contact Us

Phone: +1-415-795-2759
[email protected]

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm (CST)
1024 N Lansing Ave Suite F
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106

*Store visit by appointment only. We are only open to processors licensed by the OMMA at this time

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