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The Best Vape Cartridge for your Vaping Style

One of the best things about vapes and vape cartridges is the variety on offer. There are so many vape models and vape cartridge types out there, that testing them all out in order to find the best vape cartridge to suit your style and needs can actually be loads of fun. There are vapes and vape cartridges designed for people trying to give up smoking, others for people who want to smoke flower, and even more options for those who want to try their hand at vaping cannabis oils.

There are vapes that look like cigarettes, and others that bear no resemblance to a smoking device whatsoever. You can buy pre-loaded vape cartridges, sealed vape cartridges, refillable cartridges, or even disposable vapes if you’re someone who likes to keep things simple. The only way to decide which is the best vape cartridge for you, is to first decide what you need your vape for, what you most enjoy about vaping, and what you most value about the vaping experience.

Dry weed vapes or vape cartridges for oils?

For the purposes of this blog, we’ll assume that you vape because you enjoy consuming cannabis products, and not because you’re swapping a tar-infested cigarette for a cleaner nicotine hit. With this in mind, the best vape pen cartridge for you will depend on whether you prefer consuming dry herb or concentrates. Most vape cartridges are not designed for the enjoyment of both types of cannabis products, mainly because oils and flower need to be heated to different temperatures in order to turn them into vapor. If you don’t get the temperature right, your vaping experience won’t be a pleasant one in terms of taste and the quality of your hit will most likely suffer too.

Vapes that look like cigarettes and vapes that don’t

Then there’s the whole visual element of the vape cartridge to take into consideration. Many of the vape cartridges and vape pens out on the market at present are super discreet. They’re so discreet that you can take them with you to work, or to other professional events, without worrying about getting in trouble with the boss. It’s also really easy to enjoy them in public without drawing unwanted attention to yourself from passersby.

What about vape cartridge maintenance and ease-of-use?

You can buy vapes that come with preloaded cartridges. You can also buy sealed cartridges that you simply slot into your vape device whenever you want to vape. Some vapes are designed to use with refillable cartridges, which means you have to replace the oil inside the cartridge, instead of the cartridge itself, once you’ve consumed it all. Disposable vapes are a fourth option available to you.

Disposable vapes come with a preloaded vape cartridge. Once you’ve consumed the entire contents of a disposable vape, you can throw it away and the head out to buy another. While disposable vape pens are, in general, a lot cheaper than those designed for refillable cartridges, for example, they’re not necessarily the best solution for everyone. And while refillable cartridges are super cool for those who like to vape a different concentrate strain every week, filling a cartridge with a new oil is a fairly messy and time-consuming process. Bear this in mind.

Flavor or clouds?

Most e-liquids used in vape cartridges are composed of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene (PG). If you enjoy chasing clouds, and you’d rather produce maximum vapor at the expense of flavor, then go for a cartridge that’s VG-heavy. If the flavor of your hit is more important to you, then you’re more likely to enjoy a cartridge that promises a 50-50 mix of VG and PG.

What’s a 510 cartridge and why is it useful?

On a final note, we’d like to give the 510 cartridges a mention. A 510 cartridge is basically as close to a universal vape cartridge style as you can get. The more the vape industry develops, the more difficult it’s becoming to find a cartridge that fits your average vape pen. The beauty of the 510 cartridge is that it tends to be fairly compatible with most vape designs.

Obviously, we’re not saying that a 510 cartridge will work with any vape pen, but it’s by far the most universal format out there. If you enjoy using refillable cartridges and you like being able to mix and match cartridges without changing your vape, then you should probably search for the best 510 cartridge available in your area. Give it a shot. What have you got to lose?