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The Best Vape Oil for your Vape Pen in 2018

It’s not an easy task, naming the best vape oil in 2018. Individual vapers hope for so many different things from their vaping experience, that it’s hard work deciding where to position the parameters. So, we decided to break things down a little by naming a range of top quality vape oils that serve a number of different purposes (all working with Oji’s empty vape cartridges). If you need some advice on the best vape oil for anxiety, for quality CBD or for blowing incredible clouds, then this is the list you’ve been waiting for…

The Best Quality CBD Vape Oil

CBD Pure is the vape oil you need to try if you’re searching for a top quality CBD oil. Why? Well, to begin with CBD Pure is a brand that’s dedicated to developing products that are 100% natural. As such, their CBD oil is sourced from high quality, organic hemp, grown in the beautiful surroundings of Colorado. You can choose between three different strengths – 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg – and if you don’t like what you buy, CBD Pure will give you your money back, so long as you’re within the 90-day money-back guarantee warranty. What have you got to lose? We say, give it a try!

The Best Vape Oil for Flavors

If you’re a creamy dessert lover, then you need to give M.B.Y.C., by Sicboy Industries, a try. With a unique mixture of praline, ice-cream and vanilla custard flavors, this vape oil is both rich and decadent.

A second choice that’s not quite so self-indulgent, but still rather creamy, is Smurf Cake, made by Vape Wild. It’s a tasty blend of wild blueberries and cheesecake. Think fruit, cream and pie crust, and you’ll have a pretty good idea as to what this vape oil tastes like. What’s more, Smurf Cake comes in eight nicotine levels, from 0 to 24 mg.

A final option for those of you who really don’t go in for creamy stuff, and prefer something juicy and refreshing instead, is Shurb. Produced by Jimmy the Juice Man in Chicago, Shurb is a mixture of raspberry, lime and orange. It’s sugary sweet, almost sherbety some might say. Smooth, sour and oozing with citrus, Shurb is a real twangy bang of a vape oil.

The Best Vape Oil for Anxiety

Anyone who knows anything about CBD knows that it really helps to reduce anxiety. Pure Kana Natural CBD Oil is one of the best oils on the market for helping to keep things on an even keel. Lab testing ensures that all of Pure Kana’s products are safe to use and are non-psychoactive. It’s an unflavored vape oil, specifically designed to encourage relaxation in an instant.

The Best Vape Oil for Blowing Clouds

Sometimes we just want to have fun with our vapes. Being able to blow large clouds is, quite frankly, pretty damn cool, but it’s not possible to get huge clouds out of all kinds of vape oils. The best e-juice for blowing clouds has to be RNR White. In fact, this vape oil is so unbelievably awesome for blowing clouds that it’s used by many vapers in Cloud Chasing competitions. Mystery (berries and creamy strawberries) and LLCP (a lemon and lime cake that pops) are two of the preferred flavors.

The Best Vape Oil for dealing with Pain

CBD Essence’s Medicinal Grade Hemp Extraction is an excellent choice of CBD hemp oil for pain and anxiety. Produced using a unique extraction process and state-of-the-art technology, this vape oil contains an active CBD component, terpenes and flavonoids. One thing to note, however, is that it’s 100% THC-free, so there’s no chance of getting high when vaping with this one.While we’ve managed to cover a number of different vaping needs and interests, it’s doubtful we’ve covered them all. If you’ve got a vape oil that you think should be added to the list, get in touch!

What’s your favorite?

While we’ve managed to cover a number of different vaping needs and interests, it’s doubtful we’ve covered them all. If you’ve got a vape oil that you think should be added to the list, get in touch!