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The Best Vaping Vacation Destinations | Vapecation

If you’re on the lookout for the best vaping vacation destinations then you’re in the right place as we’ve listed our top picks here. Vapes are popular for many reasons, and you may choose to vape because you prefer the way it tastes, or because it presents a healthier alternative to smoking. Whatever your reason, when you take a well-earned vacation, you want to be able to relax and enjoy all of your favorite things, including vaping. Whether you rely on your vape, or just enjoy it occasionally, it’s important to know where it is legal to vape THC, and where it is legal to vape CBD, and get to know where cannabis has been decriminalized, so you can vape vape vape away when you’re away from home.

Vaping Vacations

Originally, we had a huge list of incredible places for you to visit with your vape in tow, but for the purposes of keeping this blog short and sweet, we’ve narrowed them down to our favorite four. The first two vape vacation spots we’ve picked are in the U.S., and our second two spots are further afield, for those that are looking for more of a cultural experience and don’t mind a longer flight.

Best U.S. Vapecation Spots

Apparently 70% of Americans don’t own a passport, and why would you when you have so much choice on your doorstep. Not only is it legal to vape CBD across America, but you can also legally vape your THC cartridges when visiting many states too. Taking a vacation in your home country can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle dealing with passports and visas, and it can also save you a lot of money on expensive airfares. Our top two vapecation spots in the U.S. are the Redwood Forest in California, and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

  • Redwood Forest, Northern California – Cannabis in California became legal for recreational purposes in 2018 so you can happily vape whatever oils or herb you choose, and you can even pick up some of the area’s finest Humboldt vape products to try out while you’re there. The Redwood Forest is a jaw-dropping, majestic place to get away from it all. We can’t think of anything better than inhaling on a vape and contemplating life, surrounded by some of the oldest and largest trees on the planet. Whether you choose to chill and camp in nature, or turn your vacation into a road trip down Highway One to explore the California coastline, the redwoods will make for a fantastic vaping vacation.
  • Rocky Mountains, Colorado – Whether you enjoy hiking and biking, hunting and fishing, or skiing and snowboarding, these mountains will have something to spike your interest in tremendous form. If you choose to visit the Colorado Rockies, you’ll also be able to take your vape along with you, without worrying about the legalities of what you’re vaping. Get yourself a cozy log cabin and enjoy some of the freshest tasting air you’ve ever breathed… when you’re taking a break from puffing on your vape, that is.

Best Worldwide Vapecation Spots

If you’re looking for a vapecation a bit further afield, then don’t forget to pack your passport. It’s worth noting that there are a couple of less vape-friendly countries that you should avoid transiting through. To make things easier for yourself, book a direct flight so you don’t have to worry about your battery being taken off of you at security or when waiting for your connecting flight.

  • Albufiere, Portugal – First off, Portugal is one of the top 20 most-visited countries in the world. People flock there for its lively and historic cities, stunning beaches, and delicious mediterranean food. Known as the Gateway to the Algarve, Albufiere is an ideal destination if you want to merge club-culture with chill-time. All drugs have been decriminalized in Portugal, so you won’t have any problems with taking your vape along, or inhaling on it whenever and wherever you please.
  • Port Antonio, Jamaica – Contrary to popular belief, pot has only been decriminalized in Jamaica recently, but it’s now legal to possess up to two ounces. If you want a relaxing, sunny vacation, then Port Antonio could prove to be your dream spot. It features secluded pristine beaches, stunning architecture, and lush countryside, right at the foot of the misty Blue Mountains. Don’t forget to take your CCELL battery with you, so that you can enjoy vaping while sipping on some of the world’s finest coffee and devouring some of the country’s tastiest dishes, all with a reggae music backdrop to keep your spirits high.

Vacations with Your Vape

Naturally, there are many more dreamy spots where you and your vape would be widely welcomed, so if nothing on this list inspires you then just run a quick search on your dream location, and check what the legal situation is concerning vapes. Be sure to check the different regulations that apply to vaping THC and CBD, and be aware of what the current cannabis laws are, just to make sure you’re not carrying something that’s over and above the legal limits. Remember, on the whole, CBD is far more widely accepted that THC (the UK acting as a prime example) but there are still many more states and countries for you to explore where you can vape to your heart’s content. Happy vapecationing!

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