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7 Celebrities Who Vape | From Katy Perry to Johnny Depp

Before we get down to the nitty gritty naming of celebrities who vape, let’s get one thing straight. Hollywood A-listers have always been into vapes. In fact, when most people knew very little about vapes and vaping, our beloved celebs were already wandering around, vapes in hand, flaunting some of the earliest designs on the market.

And of course they were! No celebrity wants to deal with the shame of tobacco-stained fingers when a fresh and odor-free alternative is available. Plus, there’s so much fun to be had checking out the variety of flavored oils. Better for your health, kinder to your skin, pleasurable, fashionable and damn right sexy, vapes are just the kind of accessory that the red carpet crew go nuts over. We’re talking about Charlie Sheen endorsed vape brands, and celebs like Whoopi Goldberg who fall so in love with vaping that only advanced vaping will do; the kind of vaping you do when you only use a high-tech device and it’s all about supreme performance.

But out of all the celebs who vape, there are some that get top marks for looking super cool and glamorous with a vape on show. Here’s our pick of a very sexy bunch…

Katy Perry – “’Cause baby you’re a firework!”

Katy Perry vaping is glamor on a stick. Not only does she sport her very own purple mod, with a personalized design, but she takes it everywhere. She even likes to vape when making her way down the red carpet at top-notch A-list events.

Jack Nicholson – “Here’s Johnny!”

There’s just something so innately cool about Jack, and with a vape in his hand his cool readings go off the charts!

Tom Hardy – “Never give power to the big man.”

He’s rough yet smooth, tough yet cuddly, and covered in an impressive array of unforgettable tattoos. There’s probably few people who look as genuinely relaxed and happy with a vape in their hand as Tom Hardy. He’s so relaxed, in fact, it’s foxy.

Leonardo DiCaprio – “Did my heart love ’til now?”

We like to think that after Leo was finally awarded an Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant in 2016, that the first thing he did to celebrate after making his speech was to enjoy a good vape. Such a charmer!

Lindsay Lohan – “The Parent Trap.”

One of the best health decisions Lindsay has probably ever made was to ditch the tobacco and embrace the vape. Rumor has it, her dad was the one who bought her her very first vape. Looking good, Lohan.

Samuel L. Jackson – “And You Will Know My Name Is The Lord When I Lay My Vengeance Upon Thee!”

If there’s one word that best describes Samuel L. Jackson on the big screen, it’s powerful. Likewise, if there’s one word to describe Samuel L. Jackson vaping, it’s biblical.

Johnny Depp – “I don’t regret it, you know… kissing you.”

He might be last on the list, but he’s definitely one of the most charismatic vapers around. The first time Depp was seen with a vape in his hand, was in the movie, The Tourist, when he starred opposite the equally lovely, Angelina Jolie. Cool hats and jeweled fingers, watching Johnny Depp vaping is like watching a ballerina en pointe… Effortlessly mesmerizing.