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Ceramic Vape Cartridges


In today’s vaping market, there seems to be an abundance of different types of vaporizer cartridges. Whether they’re glass, plastic, ceramic, or any other material, there is a good chance that you might not be picking the right cartridge for your oil. More recently, there has been a huge shift in public preference from standard plastic or glass cartridges to ceramic, but does it actually live up to the hype? Just how much of an advantage does a ceramic vape cartridge have on your vaping experience compared to all of the other different types of cartridges?

With ceramic cartridges, the ceramic is the heating element and the fiber tube combined in one ceramic device that won’t degrade. When compared to a plastic cartridge, ceramic cartridges typically work better with oils that have a thicker viscosity, and also offers an advantage in terms of a more pure and clean taste. They tend to last longer than most vaporizer cartridges, as well, lasting anywhere up to 6 months longer than other cartridges, depending on the amount of usage.

But, of course, ceramic cartridges also have their disadvantages. Before using your ceramic cartridge, it would be in the users best interest to preheat the coil before vaping. Ceramic coils can sometimes take a little bit longer to heat because they usually need more power than your standard plastic or glass cartridge.


So should you make the switch as well? It really depends on personal preference and the viscosity of the oil that your are using. As previously stated, the ceramic cartridge works best with thicker oils, so if you fall into the category of having thick oil, then your BEST option would be to use ceramic.Here at Oji Vape, if you are looking into making a change from your standard cartridge to a more durable, longer-lasting cartridge, we would highly recommend trying out our E-1 and E-2 ceramic cartridges. If you are unsure of which cartridge works best with your oil, give us a call and we will help you out!