Vape knowledge

Chasing Clouds or Seeking Flavor?

For first time vapers, socializing with other vapers will reveal two camps: the cloud chasers and the flavor seekers. The first, cloud chasers, are those who blow out massive plumes of vapor so thick, one won’t be able to see the face of the vaper where it came from for a few seconds. Flavor seekers, on the other hand, are much more discreet, exhaling wisps of vapor that dissipate quickly, without fanfare or aplomb.

Now, both camps have their reasons for choosing their preferred vape. Cloud chasers swear by the more intense heat their e-cigarette mods give off, which closely resembles the heat from an analog cigarette. They also swear by the the thick vapor closely resembling the dense smoke from an analog as well.

Flavor seekers, on the other hand, appreciate the subtle flavors of various e-juices. They prefer to taste and savor each puff they take. While the heat may not be as intense, sometimes this is preferred, with most flavor seekers favoring a smooth, cool, vape over a hot, intense one.

Choosing which camp you fall into does not come overnight. One must experience both world to be able to choose which vape they prefer. The thing is, both require different approaches and techniques, as well as equipment. Cloud chasers usually use mods that are capable of putting out more than 20 or 30 watts of power, with some models able to reach 250 watts. Then there is the inhalation technique. Cloud chasers tend to do a lung inhale, that is, taking a puff straight to the lungs without stopping over in the mouth. This results in a less than flavorful vape, but with more massive plumes. Also, cloud chasers tend to use more than one coil, use various specialty wires for their coils, and might even use two or more batteries at once. In short, cloud chasing is an art in itself, where one must master various coil building techniques, inhalation techniques, and master Ohm’s law to create efficient vape builds.

As for flavor seekers, while some also use mods, this is more because these mods include safety features, and is much more easy to operate. Single coils are preferred, with small chambers in atomizers. There are techniques to coil building as well, though not as intricate and complicated as with what cloud chasers make. In short, flavor seekers are less fussy about their gear and more focused on the e-liquids they use.

There are many more factors between the two, like e-liquid choice, with PG based juices giving more flavor, while VG based ones offer more clouds. One must also consider the type of tank or atomizer they use. While tanks are much more practical, atomizers provide more flavor for flavor seekers, and can be tweaked to be a cloud making machine if need be.

For new vapers, the choice will come in time, as soon as you experience the best of both world, only then will you be able to decide. One thing is for certain, whichever camp you eventually fall into, the important thing to remember is that you’ve stopped smoking. And that is all that matters.