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Why Vape Pens Explode and How Rare It Really Is

Do vape pens explode? How concerned should you be? Well, there is some data out there that could make you worry a little. For example, in a 2017 report, put together by the US Fire Administration, 195 non-deadly fires and explosions related to e-cigarettes were documented between 2009 and 2016. But, the reality is far less frightening. In fact, the probability of a vape pen exploding is very, very low, and has almost nothing to do with the vape pen itself, and everything to do with the battery and/or your vaping habits.

Short circuit protection

Vapes blowing up is something that tends to be associated with older vape models or basic pen units that aren’t equipped with a short circuit protection. If your vape was made after 2016, then it should be fitted with an in-built short circuit protection system designed to prevent vape explosions.


In addition to investing in the newest vape model on the market, it’s also important to select the right kind of battery for your vape. Vape battery explosion can be caused by a number of factors. Cheap Chinese-branded batteries, for example, are a cause for concern and should be avoided. Only use official brand batteries to power your vape, as they are the safest option. What’s more, batteries with large capacities tend to generate a more aggressive discharge and function under a great deal of strain. So, choosing to go with a small battery to power your vape is another way of putting safety first.

You should also make sure that your battery contacts are always clean. Pen-shaped vapes tend to leak e-juice from the atomizer onto the battery contact. If contacts are not kept clean, it can cause the battery to fail. Charging your vape while it’s still warm from use, or using it as soon as it’s finished charging, even though it feels warm to the touch, will also place strain on the battery and could cause it to fail. A failing battery can potentially spark an explosion. So, keep your batteries in check!

Vaping habits

You should also be careful if you tend to vape for more than five minutes at a time. By constantly engaging the atomizer, heat gets trapped (sometimes making its way into the battery chamber) and the entire device begins to burn. Similarly, if you love chasing vape clouds and you deliberately increase the wattage on your vape pen in order to send more power to the atomizer, you run the risk of causing a vape explosion.

Naturally, we’re not saying that cloud chasing is a bad thing. If you love it, go for it. And if you love to have long, chilled out, vaping sessions, then by all means keep vaping. But, at the same time, just be aware that all that vaping and all those clouds might be pushing your battery, and therefore your vape’s safety, to the limit.

Just to recap

If you use a modern vape (a post-2016 model), you take care of your batteries, and you don’t abuse the atomizer, causing the vape to overheat, it’s doubtful that anything will go wrong. Having said that, as with all technological gadgets, there are no guarantees, and while  vape pens exploding are a rare occurrence, if in any doubt about the safety of your device, you should consider replacing the mod, the battery, or both, or perhaps even consult a specialist. Happy vaping!

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