Terms You Should Know Before Buying Your First Vape Pen

Whether you want to vape for medicinal or recreational reasons, knowing your gear is essential to get the most out of your experience. When it comes to the vape pen setup, the battery is one of the essential components of your equipment. Choosing the right vape battery will provide you with the best quality vaping sessions for several months to come. Here is a full guide on different types of vape batteries.

Let’s start with the basics to find out what exactly a vape battery is,

What Is A Vape Battery?

First of all, vape pens consist of three basic components: the cartridge, the atomizer, and of course, the battery. The last one is responsible for storing and transferring the right amount of power straight to the atomizer. Then, a ceramic element or a wire coil heats up and vaporizes the material placed in the cartridge. Simply put, the vape battery is the source of power that transfers it to the atomizer in order to start the vaping process.

In order to get the best out of your vape pen, its components need to work smoothly together, which is why it’s paramount to find the best battery for your gear. Keep in mind that not every battery will work great with every atomizer or cartridge. Moreover, some of these may not even fit your vape pen correctly.

Unlike other vape pen components, the battery can be used for years without any issues, which is why it’s so important to focus on the quality of it. It’s best to spend more money on the vape battery that will last for years, as it’s the only source of power in your equipment.

Vape Battery Specs

When looking for vape pen batteries, you’ll run into some technical terms that may seem difficult or confusing at first. Fear not, because we’ve completed a quick rundown of every essential term and its meaning so that you can understand what you’re actually buying.

  • mAh or milliamp-hour rating tells you how long your battery is able to provide power to your vape pen before requiring a charge. Generally speaking, the battery will last longer with the higher mAh rating. Moreover, with higher ratings, you can be sure that your oil is vaporized to the fullest. Most popular mAh ratings include:650 mAh provides about 6 hours of continuous vaping
    900 mAh provides about 8 hours of continuous vaping
    1100 mAh provides about 10 hours of continuous vaping
    1300 mAh provides about 12 hours of continuous vapingAlthough higher mAh rating provides longer vaping sessions, it also makes the battery and the vape pen larger. Keep in mind to find the perfect balance between the long-lasting battery and portability of your device.
  • Volts tells you the voltage of your vape battery and how much power it provides. Usually, the higher the voltage, the higher temperatures your vaporizer will reach. Before you decide on the particular battery, check whether or not your heating chamber requires a minimum or maximum voltage for optimal operation.
  • Amps tell you the exact amount of electrical current that your battery gives out. These ratings are similar to volts, and most vape pens require an amp rating of 1 to 3.
  • Ohm rating is a measure of resistance. The higher resistance, the less power will pass through your vape pen, which means you’ll enjoy a smooth and flavorful hit. However, if you like your vapor hot, opt for lower resistance to get more heat to your vapor.

Types Of Vape Pen Batteries

Since you know all the basics, it’s high time you learned the different types of vape pen batteries. First of all, let’s elaborate on the difference between fixed and variable voltage batteries.

Fixed voltage batteries come three basic sizes: small, medium and large. When choosing your next vape pen battery, consider the size of your piece, as it determines how long you can use your battery before it runs out.

Variable voltage batteries are very similar to fixed voltage batteries, but they come in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large) and you can increase or decrease the power used for vaping.

Buttonless Stylus Batteries

These are also called slim or auto draw vape pens and are the most popular. Buttonless stylus vape pen batteries vary when in terms of the voltage and depend on the intensity of your draw. Also, these batteries activate upon the hit. As for the voltage, the limit is usually 3.3 volts and 280 mAh. Keep in mind that buttonless stylus batteries should be charged only with a dedicated charger provided by the manufacturer.

Buttonless stylus vape pen batteries are easy to operate and compatible with both 1st and 2dg cartridge generation. These batteries come with low voltage, providing more smooth puffs and are able to hold a charge for several days.

Fixed Voltage Buttonless Vape Batteries

Fixed voltage buttonless vape batteries are more powerful, as they run on 3.7 volts and 400 mAh. These batteries are compatible with different types of vape cartridges and are able to hold a charge longer than buttonless stylus batteries. Many users claim that these fixed voltage batteries are easier to operate, as there is no button for turning the battery on or off. Plus, there is absolutely no way for these batteries to turn on in your backpack or pocket. Keep in mind to use the charger provided by the manufacturer.

Fixed Voltage Vape Batteries with Button

With this type of a vape pen battery, you have the ability to control the flow of power, which means you can turn it on and off whenever you like. Fixed voltage vape pen batteries with a button work with various types of cartridges and run on 3.7 volts and 400 mAh.

Variable Voltage Vape Batteries

If you’re looking for the full control over the power and your battery function, consider choosing a variable voltage vape pen . Since you can select voltages just by clicking a button, you are able to make these batteries get you an ultimate puff, no matter what oil you have. When it comes to the benefits of these vape pen batteries, they have a really wide range of compatibility and longer lifespan. Variable voltage vape batteries run on 3.3-4.8 volts and 300-400 mAh.

When choosing your next vape battery, you should start with defining your needs and plans for vaping sessions. Some of these batteries are easier to operate, while others may last longer. Although fixed voltage batteries are simple to operate, you can’t personalize your vaping experience just like with variable voltage batteries. On the other hand, variable voltage batteries may be a bit more complicated to use than manual ones, so the ultimate choice will largely depend on your personal preferences and needs.