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Why does my vaporizer keep leaking?

Most vapes leak from time to time, particularly if they’re thrown up and down and tossed from side to side in pockets and handbags. But if the leaking becomes persistent, then it could be an indication of a problem that needs to be resolved before things get worse. A vape leaking into your mouth is a particularly unpleasant experience. So, if you find yourself asking the question, Why does my vaporizer keep leaking?, the first thing to do is to run through the following checklist to identify what’s actually causing the leak.

The main causes of a leaking vaporizer

While it’s not possible to cover all the reasons why a vape might start leaking, it is possible to highlight the most common causes. Be aware of problems related to the vape itself: the coils, tanks, sub tanks, and seals. But don’t discount the idea that you might actually be inadvertently causing your vape to malfunction. You need to check that you’re not making mistakes to do with e-liquid type, measures, and cleaning.

Vapes that leak because of problems with coils

Problems with your coils are the first major cause of a leaking vaporizer. To begin with, not all types of coils work with all kinds of vapes. If you personalize your vaping experience, you especially need to make sure that the coils you’re using are a good match for the brand or model of vape you use. If you’re not experienced enough to be able to judge this for yourself, visit your local dispensary and ask for some help.

If the coils you’re using are a good fit for your vape, it might be just general wear and tear. Coils aren’t built for long-term use. In fact, if you vape every day, then you’re coils will probably need changing once every couple of weeks. If you don’t change them regularly, not only are you at risk from a leaky vape, but you run the risk of being on the end of an exploding vape. It’s a rare occurrence, but it does happen, and 99% of the time it’s caused by poor vape maintenance.

Leaky tanks

If you’ve checked your coils and you’ve visited your local dispensary to make sure that you have the correct coil type for your vape, but the leaky problem remains, then it’s time to take a look at your vape’s tank. Tanks are the second most important element in your vape, after coils, and they require dedicated maintenance.

So, the first thing you need to remember is that tanks must be kept really really clean. Any buildup of e-liquid inside your tank can soon turn into irreparable leakage issues. Tanks and sub tanks must be cleaned every week, particularly if you vape on a daily basis. If you’re not sure how to give your vape an effective clean, feel free to drop us a line. We’d be happy to help direct you on the essentials related to vape cleaning.

If, on the other hand, you do know how to clean your vape correctly, and you never allow more than a week to pass without giving it a really good clean, it’s unlikely that the leak is being caused by poor tank maintenance. In this instance, make sure you’re filling your tank up correctly. All vape tanks have a maximum fill capacity. If you’re putting too much e-liquid into your tank, it might be that your vape tank is leaking from air holes, or your vape sub tank is leaking from air holes. Check the recommended levels and adjust your vaping routine accordingly.

What about the cracks?

If the leak persists, then check your vaporizer for cracks. Take a good look at all the seals on your vape and make sure that they’re correctly positioned and 100% airtight. Most vapes and vape tanks are made from pyrex glass which, despite being an incredibly durable material, can still suffer from irreversible breaks. Even the slightest crack can pave the way for a lot of liquid to seep through. The good news is that if you do find a crack in your vape or vape tank, a large number of well-established brands offer replacement glass fittings. This means you don’t necessarily have to change your vape just because you find a small crack in it.

And if all else fails, the problem could be your e-liquid

If your coils are fine, your tanks are fine, and there are no cracks anyway on the device, then check with the manufacturer that the e-liquid you’re using is appropriate for your vape. If you’re not using the right kind of e-liquid for your vape, it could cause abnormal wear and tear, and this may then result in a leaky vape.

Investigate and make adjustments. A leaky vape shouldn’t be ignored.