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Fixed Voltage VS. Variable Voltage

I’m sure most of you are aware by now: there are a TON of different styles of oil vaporizer batteries. Some may be more powerful than others, or may look different, but in general, they are all made to pretty much do the same thing. But what about the functionality of the battery itself? In some cases, you have the ability to change voltage settings within the battery, while with others you are stuck with only one voltage setting. But does it really matter? What is the real difference between a fixed voltage battery and a variable voltage battery?

According to vapers.180smoke.comfixed voltage batteries have only one set output. These batteries are the easiest to use, as they do not have to be adjusted. Generally, these batteries are paired with compatible cartridgesthat require the exact amount of output that the fixed battery can give. Because they can only be used at one setting, these batteries are much faster to charge than it’s counterpart.

Variable Voltage batteries allow the user to adjust the power output to their preferred level. These types of batteries will either have a knob, screen, or button where voltage can be adjusted. A wider variety of cartridges can be used with a variable voltage battery, due to the fact that the voltage can be set within the specific range of the coil. Some variable voltage batteries may also include temperature settings control, which is a different type of measurement.

So which one is better? It really depends on the user. If you are looking for a simple, more discreet battery where temperature or voltage is irrelevant, then a fixed voltage battery would be perfect. But remember, batteries with fixed voltages are very limited in terms of cartridge compatibility. So if you’re looking for something where you can have a little more variety and be more in control of your vaping experience, then variable voltage would be the way to go.