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How to refill a vape cartridge

While many may find it obvious, a lot more ask how to refill a vape pen cartridge. Many of our vape pen users usually come from an e-cigarette background, and most are used to using disposable cartridges. Thus, when faced with refillable glass vape cartridges, they are usually confused with how it works, leading to a number of damaged cartridges in the process.

While a glass cartridge is by no means expensive, it isn’t cheap if it is treated as a disposable one. Users who are faced with a refillable cartridge without knowing how to refill, would do well to understand how it works, otherwise, vaping would become unnecessarily more expensive. Despite being affordable, disposing a cartridge after each use would add up to a small fortune after a while.

Whether using the 0.5 ml or 1.0 ml cartridge, both work the same so users won’t have to worry about having to switch from one capacity tank to another and having to refill each in a different way.

Vape pen cartridge refill

First, you unscrew the mouthpiece off while making sure the glass body of the cartridge is secure. Dropping it can break it so users have to take care when refilling. After pulling the mouthpiece off and putting it away to somewhere safe (to ensure no pets or children take ahold of it while you refill), take your favorite oil or juice and fill the cartridge up using a dropper. Some oil and juice bottles have included droppers, but if they don’t, you’d do well to invest in a small syringe to ensure refilling results in zero waste.

When refilling, be sure that you drip the liquid in between the center post and the glass wall. You can have your vape pen still attached to the cartridge so you can have a more solid hold to keep it steady. Be aware what capacity cartridge you have and make sure you don’t overfill it. Aside from wasting the oil or juice, overfilling can also cause leakage in use, resulting in a messy vape.

Once filled, take the mouthpiece and screw it back on. Don’t screw the mouthpiece on too tight, nor too loose. Just enough to create a seal.  Afterwards, take a piece of tissue paper to wipe the cartridge and vape pen down and you are ready to vape.

Now, some users might ask if the process works the same for plastic cartridges, and the answer is yes. While not necessarily exact, refilling plastic cartridges are as simple as refilling glass ones, so having one or the other won’t be an issue. The whole process is relatively simple and new users will find that with a little practice, refilling won’t have to take more than a couple of minutes.

Experienced users might scoff at the idea of having to teach new users how to refill a cartridge, but before you pass judgement, remember you were once a newbie yourself and had to ask for help when you first started.