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The Best Temperature To Vaporize Oil

The perfect vape temperature may not be something most first-time vape users think about, but it is extremely important to the vaping experience, in terms of quality and personal health. Vaping oil at too high of a temperature could completely ruin the purpose of vaping and can cause later health issues for the user. The reason for vaping is to reduce or eliminate the inhalation of some of the chemicals one would typically inhale when smoking.

According to a recent study conducted by, combustion begins at 446 degrees fahrenheit. When you reach this level the smoke is filled with different kinds of tars, toxins, and carcinogens, namely Benzene, which can be found in anything from car exhaust to soft drinks and tobacco. These harmful toxins can start to form in temperatures as low as 392 degrees fahrenheit.

So what is the best temperature to vaporize your oil? Seeing that most toxins form around 392 degrees, most vaporizer users tend to stay anywhere between 284 degrees and 365 degrees fahrenheit. This range is well below the toxic level line, but high enough so enough vapor makes it way through the device.

Here at Oji Vape, we would recommend keeping your vaporizer pen voltage setting anywhere between 2.6 and 3.7 volts. This will provide you with the best vaping experience possible without overheating your oil to toxic levels. If you are unsure of the heat settings of your vaporizer pen, contact us directly we’ll help you out!

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