Vape Lifestyle

Vaping is Belonging

There’s no getting away from it… As a species, we’re built with an innate desire to belong. Some of us cling to local traditions, others join sports teams and then there are those of us who love to vape. Why? Because we love feeling like we’re part of something bigger and greater than ourselves. Community spirit is addictive.

So, when we say that vaping is sooooo much more than a simple alternative to cigarette smoking, or a way of reaping the benefits of medicinal cannabis, what we mean is that vaping has become a lifestyle choice; a 21st-century social movement with a loyal following that continues to grow by the day.

It Must be Vaping Love

In fact, so great is the love that some of us have for vaping that those with an eye for new business and emerging markets have started selling t-shirts, hats and posters that say “I love vaping” printed across them in large, proud letters. Other entrepreneurs have opened exclusive smoking bars and specialist vape shops where vapers are invited to spend their hard earned cash on the latest vaping gadgets and technology.

Vapers are encouraged to indulge in their passion by trying the full range of vapes on offer, testing out the many flavored oils available and chatting about vaping online with like-minded vapers who live halfway across the world. The more we express our love for vaping, the more we feel connected to the growing vape community. It’s all about yearning for a shared identity.

A Competitive Sport

And there’s more!… A large portion of the vaping community in the U.S. now enjoys taking part in a what can only be described as a competitive vaping sport. Aptly dubbed, Cloud Chasing, this adventurous, e-cigarette sport requires the use of very powerful vape mods, low resistance coils and highly particular e-liquids. The objective? To blow the largest, thickest and most awesome clouds of vapor that you and your vape can manage. Cool, right?

A Community of Connoisseurs

And as the community of vapers gets larger, so does the community of vape connoisseurs who claim to have the definitive on which vapes offer the most flavorsome hit, the smoothest smoke and the most impressive vapor cloud. These are the guys who recommend the best of vape add-on devices to explore, the juiciest of juices to smoke on a fun night out with friends and the sweetest smelling herbs to inhale if you want to relax at the end of a long day.

As we follow their advice and debate our experiences with friends, our sense of community and shared identity deepens. Before we know it, we’re hooked! But not on the smoke… We’re hooked on the “belonging”. Suckers for that fraternity feeling, vapers are one big happy family.

But enough of the philosophizing. Let’s vape!